Bringing Happiness Back To The Table…

The Gluten-Free way!

With Chef Pasqualina

Bringing Happiness Back To The Table…The Gluten-Free way!

Ever imagined the warmth of traditional Italian cuisine, minus the gluten? Well, it's time to believe it's possible. Because we're taking your taste buds on a culinary journey that says Ciao (in this case, goodbye) to gluten!

Our Purpose

Simply put, it's about spreading love through food. Our passion? To share the richness of our Italian culture, the legacy of our cuisine and to take you on culinary adventures that will inspire and enrich your lives. We're making it our mission to "Bring Happiness Back to the Table" – and yes, we're doing it the gluten-free way!

The Problem We're Solving

So you're a die-hard Italian foodie and suddenly, gluten is off the menu. But you just can't imagine life without the mouthwatering flavors of authentic Italian cuisine. Well, you don't have to. We're here to debunk the myth that Italian food and gluten-free don't mix.

The Solution? Get a Taste of Home...Gluten-Free!

We are introducing a freebie eBook, 'A Taste of Home: Traditional & Authentic Italian Recipes …The Gluten-Free Way.' Plus, two online cooking course videos that will bring Italy right to your kitchen. For just $17, you'll learn how to make gluten-free breadsticks and pici pasta with the irresistible 'pici all’aglione' sauce.
Be an action taker and grab this special offer within 24 hours because once it's gone, it's back to $47!

The Big Promise

Made with Love by Chef Pasqualina

Let Chef Pasqualina guide you through the art of transforming her family’s traditional and authentic recipes into gluten-free wonders. We promise, each bite will have you saying “Buonissimo!” without missing gluten. Experience Italian cooking with heart and flavor, where love is the secret ingredient!

chef Pasqualina

The Benefits – Why This is Your Ticket to a Gluten-Free Italian Paradise


Our online cooking classes are just a click away! With an internet connection, you can learn from anywhere, anytime.


Learn at your own pace, fitting the cooking classes into your schedule.

Expert guidance

Get insider tips and techniques from Chef Pasqualina, a nutritionist and gluten-free culinary specialist.


No need to break the bank on travel or eating out! Learn to prepare delectable gluten-free Italian dishes right in your own kitchen.

High-quality recipes

Get access to authentic, traditional, and top-notch Italian recipes converted to gluten-free alternatives.

The Features

What's Inside the Course

  • Gluten-Free Ingredients List. We’ve curated a handy resource page guiding you on where to source your ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free Substitutions. We’ll walk you through the best gluten-free alternatives for Italian cuisine staples like pasta and bread.
  • Demonstration of Gluten-Free Cooking Techniques. Learn from our step-by-step demonstrations on specific gluten-free cooking techniques.
  • Cooking Tools and Equipment. We’ll suggest the tools you need for each recipe, but don’t worry – no fancy equipment is required!
  • Pre-recorded Lessons. Enjoy the flexibility of pre-recorded lessons, perfect for fitting into your schedule.
chef Pasqualina

Testimonials - The Proof is in the Pasta

By joining our course, you’ll become a part of a passionate, food-loving community that believes in keeping family traditions alive while accommodating a gluten-free lifestyle. We’re here to share, inspire, and most importantly, ‘Bring Happiness Back to the Table’, the gluten-free way!’

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