A Taste of Tuscany
A Traditional Family Experience!
June 4 - 10, 2022 
A Second Date Has Been Added: October 1-8, 2022!

Join us in beautiful Cortona, Italy for a unique and unforgettable authentic Tuscan experience, where you will discover magical villages and off the beaten path adventures! June is when the Tuscan countryside reaches its peak of beauty and the landscape is filled with captivating and colorful flowers.  It also marks the beginning of the summer, where the sunshine illuminates the days. Bars and restaurants open their outdoor spaces where friends and family gather to welcome the start of a new season, and where traditional festivals, food, and wine fairs animate villages and towns.

Together, we will embark on a rich cultural journey of Italian passion, beauty, food, and wine. Our week together will be filled with amazing people, encompassing the warm hospitality the Italian culture does so well. We will travel through the rolling hills of Tuscany covered in vineyards dotted with hilltop medieval villages full of history, and visit small, family-run farms and vineyards, where you will have the opportunity to partake in a cultural experience with the owners.

This is where the magic is!  Join Chef Pasqualina and her Tuscan family in beautiful Cortona where you will nourish your soul with a Taste of Tuscany.

As always, we will arrive as strangers, but leave as family!

Together, we will experience a ‘Taste of Tuscany’ relishing in the food and wine specialties of the region, while enjoying the most scenic Tuscan routes!

Cortona, Italy, is a historic medieval hilltop and charming town in the Val di Chiana region, in the Provence of Arezzo, enclosed by stone walls dating back to Etruscan and Roman times.  Val di Chiana is a region filled with historic art, culture, traditions, and delectable cuisine.


Accommodations are at a beautiful and historic 16th century villa located in Tuscany’s countryside. Our home for the week is a place of extraordinary beauty where you will rediscover the wonderful sense of life. This historic villa encompasses every quality of Tuscan charm, simplicity, and beauty surrounded by olive groves, herb gardens, and vineyards. Our group will occupy three villas on the grounds of this large estate. Each villa has been beautifully restored, while maintaining their rich traditions and authentic character. The villas are located along a footpath on the hillside said to be the “old Roman road” - an enchanting road leading to the town of Cortona filled with breathtaking views.

A welcome dinner and cocktail party.

Daily breakfast prepared by a local family chef.

A hands-on pasta and sauce making class where Chef Pasqualina and cousin Sergio will teach you how to make a family pasta and sauce, followed by a traditional family Sunday lunch. Get ready to eat meet the family!

Sergio photo.jpg

A visit to the town of Pienza, a superb example of Renaissance architecture, which has inspired poets, writers, and artists, surrounded by the wonderful hills of the Val d’Orcia. Pienza is also known as a romantic city because of its streets with”lovely” names such as Via dell’Amore (love street) and Via del Bacio (kiss street). 

A visit to Montalcino, a classic fairytale hilltop town, set within a full circle of fortified walls and watched over by a mighty castle of medieval perfection. It is also known for its precious, Brunello di Montalcino, the worlds best and most appreciated Italian wine. We will be visiting a charming and family run vineyard to tease your taste buds with a taste of their wines and local Tuscan specialties. Following the wine tasting, we will enjoy some free time exploring the beatuiful town of Montalcino. 

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A dinner and wine tasting at an incredible family-run winery and farm. In addition to their delectable wines, they are known for having a farm that cultivates cereals, legumes, flours, seeds, and saffron. They also produce an excellent wildflower honey. Their mission is to cultivate the land with respect for the environment and its natural balance. 

A free day to explore other magnificent Tuscan towns, walk to the town of Cortona, stay at the villa and explore the lovely grounds or enjoy relaxing by our personal pools for our group’s use exclusively. We have two to choose from! Local transportation to town, train station, or supermarket will be provided.

A pecorino cheesemaking class followed by a farm-to-table dinner. With a passion for peasant culture and traditions, this wonderful family run farm will teach you their time-honored method for the production and aging of Pecorino cheese. An unforgettable unique and traditional experience, beginning with a visit of the farm and concluding with a tasting of your creations, along with other delectable homemade dishes and wine!

A truffle hunting tour followed by lunch. This family-run agricultural farm was born out of passion for nature and its precious hidden fruits. Here we will discover and learn about the many aspects and secrets of truffles and  truffle hunting. Together, we will hunt for one of the world's mot prized culinary delicacies, followed by a great truffle based indulgent lunch prepared and served by the family!

Chris Cantina Vinyeard dinner .jpg

And the ever so popular ‘grande finale’ - a farewell, sunset wine tasting and dinner on a private Tuscan vineyard. Our friend Fabrizio and his family will prepare for us delicious and organic foods along with wine tasting from this family run cantina and farm. Fabrizio has planned a special evening for us where we will be among vineyards, sipping wine, and experiencing a total silence of a deep countryside, pleasures that are often forgotten in our modern daily rush. A true Farm to Table experience!