Meal Planning Simplified!

A 21-Day Personalized Meal Plan

We are so excited to design a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and nutritional preferences!

Meal planning can certainly seem tedious, frustrating, time-consuming, and frequently costly.  Much like a chore when you aren't sure where to start, especially when it comes to creating meal plans that meet your health objectives.

Eating nourishing meals is necessary for living a long and healthy life.  That is why we tailor your 21-Day personalized meal plan based on your responses from your personalized questionnaire, making wholesome nutrition easy.


When it comes to personalized meal plans, understanding your needs is the most important information we can have.  What might be good for one, may not be good for another.  Dairy is not your favorite?  Don't like broccoli? Love fish but don't like meat?  Just love vegetables?  No worries!  Your personalized 21-Day meal plan will include foods that you like, that are nutritionally dense, are great for your health, make you feel energized, and taste amazing!  We personalize each recipe with your favorite foods while respecting your needs, dietary restrictions, preferences, and concerns. Your customized recipes will include simple and easy-to-follow directions, along with a time-saving weekly grocery list that coordinates with each recipe so that you will have a list of ingredients in order to save time and waste. 

Your 21-Day personalized meal plan will include:

  • A Food & Recipe Personalization Planning Assessment Form

  • 7-Day Meal Plans Tailored to Your Needs & Preferences (7-Breakfast, 7-Lunches, 7-Dinners) with Easy-to-Follow Directions

  • 7 Snack Ideas with Recipes & Directions, Based on Your Assessment Form

  • A Simple Guide to Menu Planning & Prepping

  • Itemized Grocery List to Save Time & Waste

  • Tips on Cooking, Storing, & Reheating Foods Safely

  • Tips on Staying Healthy

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Chef, and Certified Genomic Medicine Practitioner, Pasqualina will apply her extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition, health, and nutrigenomics to develop a personalized 21-day meal plan created especially for you!

Are you ready for your 21-Day Personalized Meal Plan?  Contact us today at

COST:  $399