Discover how to prepare delicious dishes for any occasion.

Discover how to prepare gluten-free
traditional Italian desserts.

Scopri come preparare i dolci della tradizione italiana senza glutine.

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This is the spot where we will continue to update and share our favorite kitchen tools and products that we frequently use and highly recommend at Culinary Genes.

Our Recipes

Our recipes stem from a commitment to keep our family’s recipes and traditions alive that have been passed down through multiple generations. We are excited to share them with the world with the hope that they bring the same joy to your family as they have in ours.

Pasqualina and the Culinary Genes Team are dedicated to delivering an authentic and personalized experience. They care deeply about delicious food, fabulous wine, and gracious hospitality. Leading small group culinary adventures in Italy allows them the chance to share what they love most with guests.

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