Pasqualina's Table

Our Italian Family Traditions

            ...The Gluten-Free Way

Pasqualina's Table brings us back in time to my Southern Italian family history. Rich with stories and traditions, this unique cookbook serves up recipes for delectable gluten-free alternatives to my authentic Italian family recipes passed down through generations. The table is where all the magic happens - laughter, joy, crying, celebrations and simple togetherness.  It's where stories, family, love and friendships are honored. "Tutti a Tavola" (everyone at the table) is popular for a reason! It's where life unfolds, coupled with beautiful and delicious traditional foods and drinks. 

Growing up as an Italian immigrant, I learned to value family, food and faith from an early age. Cultural and culinary traditions are kept alive as my family cooks like they did in Italy with an array of authentic dishes passed from one generation to the next. Our unique and strong ties keep us together.  It's our way of life where every element of the family culture is permeated by food, faith, family, music, gardening and simply living the Italian way.  It's a way of life that is cherished and never lost. 

My journey to become a chef began a few years ago after several family members developed autoimmune disease and could not loner eat foods containing gluten.  In order for them to enjoy family traditions, I began my quest by taking my mamma's traditional baking recipes and transforming them into delicious gluten-free alternatives. 


From this book, you will learn how to prepare delicious, simple dishes or elaborate feasts for any occasion. From appetizers to desserts, these irresistible recipes result from relentless family research throughout the United States and Italy to record what had not previously existed on paper. The recipes are primarily the result of memories, emotions, and instincts.


Most importantly, Pasqualina's Table, Our Family Traditions …The Gluten-Free Way is borne of the love and desire to preserve my cherished family traditions.

Tutti a Tavola e Buon Appetito! (Everyone to the table and Enjoy your meal!)


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