A Walk On An Old Roman Road Where Once The Etruscans & Romans Walked!

While in Cortona, not only will you discover the long history of this magical and attractive town founded by ancient Etruscans, but our guests joining us in 2022 for our Culinary Traveling Genes Adventures will have the opportunity to walk on one of the Old Roman Roads located behind our villas, the same road where once the Etruscans and Romans walked, viewing the same valley, offering stunning views of the 'Valdichiana' and 'Lago Trasimeno,' and our feet hitting the same rocky terrain leading to the beautiful town of Cortona.

This past September we set out for a walk on this magnificent ancient road filled with olive groves, old stone homes, and ancient buildings that dotted the path as my cousin Paolo shared with us the interesting history of the Etruscans civilization, which dates back to late 700 BC until around 100 BC when it was absorbed into the Roman Empire. A road where the Etruscans transported enormous stones to the very peak of Cortona to build the walls that surround and protect this majestic town. These walls are still visible today where the circuit largely corresponds to the old one, and in many places the original foundations are clearly visible. You can recognize the oldest parts because Etruscan walls show massive stones, much bigger than the newer ones on top.

Early morning fog surrounded us making this experience even more majestical. There was such calmness and peace, as if the world had stopped for a few hours. As we hiked hire, the fog began to lift and a breathtaking view materialized slowly through the mist. Absolutely spectacular! Once we reached the town of Cortona, we decided to reward ourselves with a delicious cappuccino and cornetto (croissant)! Naturally!

Here are some pictures of this brilliant day. Get ready Culinary Traveling Genes Adventurer's joining us in 2022. If you decided to take this walk during your free time, it will be one that you will never forget!

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