An Incredible Seafood Experience!

One of the most incredible restaurants to experience in Rome is located at the Pier of Fiumicino called 'Al Molo.' Lucky for me, this amazing restaurant with a spectacular view of the sea is owned by my dear friend Francesco!

Al Molo is a restaurant known for its exquisite seafood dishes that are prepared fresh daily with much passion and love and that enhance the products of that territory. Dishes that are superb in every way! A truly unforgettable sea-to-table experience.

Every person that crosses the threshold of this restaurant will immediately feel at home with its extraordinary and kind staff!

Al Molo is a must whether for lunch, dinner or a special event. And don't forget to have a cocktail on their terrace at sunset - spectacular!

Below is a video of Francesco sharing a bit of history, in Italian, on one of his favorite after dinner drinks, which is now one of my favorites. And let's not forget about the olive oil they have on every table. Some people like Channel No. 5 but some of us like Lorenzo No. 5, extra virgin olive oil from Palermo, Sicily. It's fantastic!

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