Favorite Chef Competition 2021! Help Me Get To The Top 15!

Chef Pasqualina mixes her Italian heritage and passions, competing in Bon Appetit 'Favorite Chef' competition. Help me get into the Top 15 by casting a vote everyday through Facebook until February 25!

Chef Pasqualina is competing in Bon Appetit’s Favorite Chef contest, whose winner will receive $20,000 and a two-page spread in the magazine. Online voting began February 16th and runs through April 8th, when they announce the winner!

Winning would allow me to build a commercial, certified gluten-free kitchen where individuals with gluten sensitivity and intolerance can order traditional and special baked to order gluten-free goods to be picked up or shipped. The other part will go into my soon-to-be-launched non-profit organization with a mission to help children in the United States that are malnourished, ill, and that lack food, shelter, education and health. A dream come true! Stay tuned!

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So grateful for your support in voting for me!

Chef Pasqualina is a nutritionist and the founder and owner of Culinary Genes, LLC, a company built on three passions: nutrition, the culinary arts, and nutrigenomics (food-gene connection).

Her recent book, “Pasqualina’s Table, Our Italian Family Traditions …The Gluten-Free Way” was a project that began after several family members and close friends developed autoimmune diseases and could no longer eat foods containing gluten. This led to the birth of this unique cookbook rich with stories, traditions, and authentic family recipes passed down through generations and converted into delectable gluten-free alternatives. It also provides readers with guidance on how to stock a gluten-free kitchen successfully.

These irresistible gluten-free recipes come from relentless family research throughout the United States and Italy to record what had not previously existed on paper; they are mainly the result of memories, emotions and instinct. Most importantly, "Pasqualina’s Table, Our Family Traditions …The Gluten-Free Way "is borne out of the love and desire to preserve these cherished traditions.

Chef Pasqualina puts the same care and love into her creations as she does for her family and friends. Her laughter is contagious and each meal's preparation is a joyful event for all involved, the result of which never strays from its original intent to strengthen, heal, and revitalize. Laughter is something she can't live without. Pasqualina is passionate about people and the triple L's - love, laughter, and living's in her DNA!

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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