Fresh Pasta For Our Guests! Pici, A Typical Tuscan Pasta.

Yesterday we made fresh pasta for our welcome dinner this Saturday, both regular and gluten-free and made in two separate kitchens.

Pici is a pasta of ancient origins that is prepared in Tuscany with few ingredients but very versatile. It is a typical dish of Southern Tuscany, representing the simplest and most genuine part of traditional peasant food. In fact, the original recipe of pici was only water, flour and salt, although there are variants in which olive oil and eggs are found. Pici have a shape similar to spaghetti but much thicker and are a type of fresh pasta that is well suited for different types of sauces to compliment their unique texture.

'Pici all’aglione' is one of the very first traditional and typical Tuscan pasta dish with “Aglione”, literally meaning a giant garlic! It has a great flavor as it’s milder, odorless, and easy to digest. This dish is actually considered a healthy dish in Tuscany and it is what our guests will be tasting! We did a taste test and they are amazing! The 'aglione' you see here is from the garden!

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