Fresh Pasta with Homemade Arugula (Rucola) Pesto!

Arugula is a herbaceous plant of the Brassicaceae or cruciferous family is a plant that has been cultivated and appreciated for many centuries throughout the Mediterranean. In ancient Roman times, its leaves and seeds were used medicinally and considered to have aphrodisiac powers. Today, it is grown and consumed around the world and is known by other common names such as, 'rucola', 'ruchetta' or 'rocket - an edible annual plant with a distinct bitter and peppery flavor that has been shown to have incredible beneficial properties such as:

  • having high cancer-fighting agents

  • is low in sugar, calories, carbohydrates and fat

  • high in various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, folate, and vitamin C to name a few.

We enjoy adding it to salads, pizzas and as an alternative to basil to make pesto.

This past week I noticed that my mom's garden started to grow 'rucola' so we decided to make one of our favorite dishes - fresh pasta with 'rucola' pesto.

Check out our YouTube channel for the recipe 👉 or you can find the recipe for fresh pasta and 'rucola' pesto in our book 👉 Pasqualina's Table, Our Italian Traditional Recipes ...The Gluten-Free Way available on Amazon:


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