Fun With The Periodic Table Of Vegetables! Today It'd About Garlic!

Our neighbor recently gave us garlic from the garden, and of course we were thrilled because it is an ingredient we use practically every day. Garlic is probably one of the most widely used and most important ingredient in the culinary world. It is generally an ingredient that you either love or hate - we love it! It has been in existence for many centuries and is definitely a family favorite.

Botanically, it’s considered a vegetable and is a member of allium (alleeum) family which includes onions, scallions, leeks, shallots, and chives. However it’s used more like a spice or herb (a flavoring agent) than a vegetable.

In the world of nutrigenomics, garlic contains a bioactive (active) compound called Allicin, which is released when you chop, crush or chew raw garlic, and has been shown to lower inflammation, as well as boosting your immune system, reducing blood pressure, improving cholesterol, detoxifying heavy metals, and has been shown to have anticancer activity. It is a superfood with qualities that can be beneficial to health and wellness on so many different levels.

Check out our YouTube video on garlic and discover traditional uses and remedies that my family has used for centuries and still does today, along with a family recipe.

This episode is called, “Swaying With Garlic”? Why, you ask? Well, it seems that when I get nervous I sway, and having a microphone attached to me didn’t help :) The pleasures of stepping out of your comfort zone! Talk about feeling awkward and uncomfortable. All I do is laugh at myself. But, lucky for me, I have an amazing brother with many talents and he was able to minimize some of that swaying in the video.

So enjoy learning about the benefits, the traditions, and a family recipe for garlic and while you're there, check out our other YouTube Videos on "Fun With The Periodic Table of Vegetables"!

Watch now by clicking on the link below 👇

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