Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there are no presents, no expectations - just a time when the entire family is together and it’s about enjoying great food and people that you love.

Every year brings triumphs and struggles and this past year has certainly been a challenge. But instead of reflecting on the past, I decided to reflect upon my present blessings. As Charles Dickens once said, “Reflect upon your blessing, of which every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

There is always a reason to be thankful and I couldn’t help to think of how truly fortunate and blessed I am for all that I have, especially my family and friends, who are always so supportive, and my life experiences, which have given me so many valuable failures and lessons.

The entire purpose of this holiday is to Give Thanks and so I started writing a list of all the I am truly thankful for. My list was quite extensive but I narrowed it down a bit - 20 to be exact!

1. My family and friends - I could never get through this life without them.

2. My nephews and niece that surround us with so much joy, love, and laughter.

3. Good Health - Life is truly fragile and short so live it.

4. Parents - dysfunctional or not, they gave you life

5. Pets - for experiencing unconditional love

6. Mistakes - if we didn't make mistakes, how could we learn and grow?

7. Education - being able to attend school and learn is something that some in this world don't have an opportunity to do.

8. Kindness of strangers - never take that for granted - there is always a valuable lesson.

9. Soldiers - who are sacrificing their lives to save ours - so thankful for them.

10. Challenges - we all have them - they make us who we are.

11. My home, warm clothing and a bed to sleep in - I am so very thankful for these.

12. Fresh air - being able to breathe in fresh air. There are those in this world that have no idea what that's like. Be thankful.

13. Time - we always think we don't have enough of it, but we actually really do.

14. Seeing and Hearing - thankful to be able to see the beauty in this world and to hear music and the voices and sounds of those around me

15. Sunsets- enjoying the simple things in life.

16. Moon and Stars - be grateful you can see them - they spark our dreams.

17. Sunshine - the warmth of it can brighten a day

18. Music - because of its natural healing power - nothing like it.

19. Love - it's what makes this world go round

20. Laughter - something I can't live without - the world would be a sad place without it.

Wishing all of you a Very Amazing and Happy Thanksgiving!

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