Learn How To Make Traditional Pecorino Cheese in Tuscany, October 2022!

Today we joined our friends at ‘Fattoria Bistecca,’ a family owned farm in the Valdichiana valley surrounded by over 37 acres of various grains, olive trees, and beautiful vineyards, along with horses, chickens, hens, ducks and their famous sheep, which starred in the well-known comedy-drama film, ‘Under The Tuscan Sun.’ In the movie, the sheep are those that stop the bus in front of “Bramasole’ where Frances impulsively decides to buy a villa.

Ilaria and her dad, Lapo, who is also seen in the movie as the sheep herder, as well as the market, showed us the traditional and authentic way of how to make pecorino cheese - a truly unique hands-on experience. During the course, you will produce three types of cheese: raveggiolo, pecorino, and ricotta.

This wonderful experience ended with a delightful tasting of Tuscan bruschetta, pecorino cheese, pasta, and ricotta with jam as dessert, all accompanied by fantastic homemade wine.

For those of you joining us in June 2022, we will be happy to arrange this Pecorino cheese making class upon request.

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