New Year, New Routine, New You! Limited Time Offer Expires 1/31/21

Get Your DNA Test And Personalized 3-monthMeal Plan For $699 and Start Eating According to Your Genes!

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Whether your goal is optimizing physical activity for health and fitness or high-performance sports, start with The ​Nutrigenomix™ Gene test. The test analyzes your DNA for genetic variants that affect your response to foods and lifestyle factors. After you receive your test results, we offer a 3 -month meal plan to help you reach your goals based on your results. With your genetic test and 3-month meal plan, you can rest assured that you are getting the nutrients you need to optimize your training according to your personalized DNA-based dietary recommendations.

Whether you avoid dairy or gluten, follow a plant-based diet, or have an allergy to shellfish or peanuts, the meal plan can be tailored to your training goals, personal dietary preferences, and avoidances. Take your training program to the next level today!

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