Our Cookbook is Now Available at Aum Healing Center & Aum Training Center in Boston!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that Pasqualina's Table, Our Family Traditions, The Gluten-Free Way is now available at Aum Healing Center and Aum Training Center located at 332 Newbury Street, Boston MA, 02115 | (617) 249-4238 &

Are you gluten-free? Our cookbook offers gluten-free alternatives to authentic Italian family recipes passed down through generations.

"Pasqualina’s Table brings us back in time to a Southern Italian family history. Rich with stories and traditions, this unique cookbook gives delectable gluten-free alternatives for authentic family recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Discover how to prepare delicious, simple dishes or elaborate feasts for any occasion. From appetizers to desserts, these tantalizing recipes are the result of relentless family research throughout the United States and Italy in order to record what had not previously existed on paper; they are largely the result of memories, emotions and instinct. Most importantly, Pasqualina’s Table, Our Family Traditions …The Gluten-Free Way is borne of the love and desire to preserve these cherished traditions.

Adept at conversions and healthy alternatives, Pasqualina gives clear and concise steps to create authentic gluten-free versions of these time-honored dishes and provides the reader with the tools to successfully stock a gluten-free kitchen.

So … tutti a tavola! As Chef Pasqualina says, “the table is where all the magic happens during celebrations and simple togetherness!” This is where life unfolds in the midst of beautiful and delicious foods and beverages. Get an intimate look into the lives of the Italian people and their unique culture where food is one of the greatest pleasures and a fundamental component of life. Go on a cultural tour of the Campania region of Italy and experience its history through the stories and culinary creations of Chef Pasqualina. And… finally, learn how to make these traditional foods, the gluten-free way!

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