Pasqualina's Table, Our Italian Family Traditions ...The Gluten-Free Way

My journey as a chef began a few years ago after several family members developed autoimmune diseases and could no longer eat foods containing gluten. In order for them to enjoy family traditions, I began my quest by taking my family's traditional recipes and transforming them into delicious gluten-free alternatives. Many hours have been spent testing and refining our methods. Chef Pasqualina's gluten-free baking and cooking was born at Culinary Genes and quickly became a hit amongst our family and friends. The name was then changed to Nonna Gianna's Traditions in honor of my mamma Giovanna, the most talented and amazing baker I know.

In this book you will find delectable dishes that were created by memory and emotions because nothing was ever written down in Italy so recipes did not exist. Instead, I followed family members in the United States and Italy with pen and aper to develop recipes that are clear on both ingredients and measurements. This was, and continues to be, an exceptionally challenging but entertaining task - an enlightening experience for which I am incredibly grateful.

These recipes were made with love and stem from a commitment to keep my family's recipes and traditions alive, the gluten-free way. Pasqualina's Table, Our Italian Family Traditions ...The Gluten-Free way contains some of my favorite dishes, which have been passed down and enjoyed for centuries. I am excited to share them and may they bring you and your family the same joy as they have in mine.

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Tutti a tavola e buon appetito! (Everyone to the table and enjoy your meal!)

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