Sponge Cake with Mascarpone Cream …The Gluten-Free Way!

One of my favorite cakes to make is a sponge cake because it is light, airy, absorbent and so incredibly versatile. Sponge cake is perfect all on its own or as a base for many cakes. Use your favorite fillings or top with seasonal fruits and whipped cream. You can even make small savory appetizers with this type of cake!

Today we tested a gluten-free version to be included in our soon to be released book entitled, 'Pasqualina’s Table, Our Family’s Traditional Italian Desserts …The Gluten-Free Way.” We brushed the cake with alchermes liqueur and added one of our favorite fillings, Mascarpone Cream, which will also be included in the cookbook. Tonight, I will be bringing this delicious cake to a dinner gathering and the host just happens to love chocolate and mascarpone cheese!

Stay tuned!

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