St. Joseph’s Day Traditional Italian Pastries with Pastry Cream... Gluten-Free!

Today we worked on these traditional beauties and a family favorite - 'Zeppole di San Giuseppe con Crema Pasticcera. ' According to historians, the first written recipe originated in Naples around 1837 by a famous gastronome known as Ippolito Cavalcanti. They are generally prepared on St. Joseph's Day (March 19), which is also Father's Day in Italy.

Traditionally, the 'Zeppole di San Giuseppe' were deep fried, but today, there is a baked version as well, giving it a lighter and more delicate flavor. This classic Neapolitan dessert is typically filled with a sweet and fragrant pastry cream, or custard, and garnished with a sour cherry or cherry in alcohol, giving it a delicious sour note.

We always enjoy baking them and making a slightly smaller version than the original. They have been a tradition in our family for many centuries and one that could not be missing from our upcoming book, "Pasqualina's Table, Our Family's Traditional Italian Desserts... The Gluten-Free Way.'

Here are a few pictures!

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