Testing Traditional Family Dessert Recipes ...The Gluten-Free Way. Stay Tuned!

A dear friend, who is truly more like family, is one of the most amazing cooks and baker I know! She was born in the same town that my mamma is from and our families have know each other for a very long time.

She recently shared with me one of her favorite traditional cookie recipes, which we converted into gluten-free deliciousness and will be included in our next cookbook, "Pasqualina's Table, Our Italian Family Traditional Desserts ...The Gluten-Free Way." It's all about desserts this time! Stay tuned!

She too has a wooden board that her Uncle made for her many years ago, similar to the one I have that belonged to my Nonna Pasqualina. We laughed about it because when we organize family road trips, these boards travel with us. It's something to see 😊

Our current book, "Pasqualina's Table, Our Italian Family Traditions ...The Gluten-Free Way" is based on recipes originating mostly from the towns of Campania, primarily the commune of Benevento and Napoli (Naples), the regional capital and the city where I was born. It is currently available on amazon:

These dessert recipes have been passed down and enjoyed for centuries. They are made with love and stem from a commitment to keep my family’s recipes and traditions alive, the gluten-free way. I am excited to work on these recipes and share them with you for all to enjoy!

For now, I will call these "Concetta's Biscotti Fatto In Casa" (Concetta's Homemade Biscotti).

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