Thank you From the Bottom of my Heart! ❤️

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You family and friends around the world for your lovely and amazing texts, videos and emails regarding my cookbook! They make my day!! Words cannot describe how happy, excited, honored and blessed I truly feel! 🥰🌟

"Pasqualina's Table" is rich with stories and traditions about my family," says Pasqualina Raspaolo, chef and author of this unique cookbook with recipes for delicious gluten-free alternatives to her authentic family recipes passed down through generations.

"I give clear and concise steps to create authentic gluten-free versions of these time-honored dishes," says Pasqualina. "I also provide readers with guidance to stock a gluten-free kitchen successfully."

In this book, you'll discover how to prepare delicious, simple dishes or elaborate feasts for any occasion. From appetizers to desserts, these irresistible gluten-free recipes come from relentless family research throughout the United States and Italy to record what had not previously existed on paper; they are mainly the result of memories, emotions, and instinct.

The book is beautifully photographed by illustrator and photographer Carmine Raspaolo (Pasqualina's brother) and available on Amazon Books by name: Pasqualina's Table: Our Italian Family Traditions ...The Gluten-Free Way

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