Truffle Hunting & A Delectable Lunch! 2022 Culinary Traveling Genes Adventurers - Get Ready!

Those participating in our Tuscan Culinary Traveling Genes Adventurers In 2022 will have the wonderful opportunity to hunt for one of the world's most prized culinary delicacies followed by an indulgent truffle based lunch prepared and served by the family. Get ready for this memorable experience with this family run agricultural farm that was born out of passion for nature and its precious hidden fruits. And let's not forget about their amazing truffle hunting dogs!!

Join us for this unique and exclusive experience in learning the secrets of truffle hunting, the environment, and the incredible relationship between the dogs and truffle hunter and spend time with our friends, a magnificent family with a deeply rooted culture and history as truffle hunters.

Here are some pictures from this experience. This is a small fraction of the lunch our guests will be thoroughly enjoying, as will our gluten-free guests!

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