Welcome to the Updated Version of "Fun With The Periodic Table of Vegetables!" Part 1 - Rucola!

Updated: May 23, 2020

Welcome to the first of many series of "Fun with The Periodic Table of Vegetables!"

I discovered this wonderful "Periodic Table of Vegetables" while pursuing my Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and thus added it to my Christmas list that year. My amazing Zia Elisa gave it to me as a gift and I remember her saying, "I don't understand why you would want this as a Christmas Gift but it's on your list so here you go. Also, why?" I laughted and said, one day you will know why. Zia, now you know!! Thank you for one of my very favorite gifts!

Each series will cover a vegetable, it's nutritional benefits, traditional stories and remedies, and a simple recipe.

Please join me on this journey of exploration, education, and fun!!

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